Failed MOT but you Have the Right to Leave the Garage
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Failed MOT but you Have the Right to Leave the Garage

I came across this article about your rights after a failed MOT test, written by Sophie McCoid and published by Chronicle Live, This is what you can do if your car FAILS a MOT and the garage won’t let you leave.

This is a great article that just helps you to know your rights if your car fails it’s MOT – thanks Sophie for making that clear. The bottom line is that you have the right to choose who you would like to repair your car and you are not obligated to use the MOT station, especially if you are not happy with the price or service. But please be advised, you will need to have your car legally towed to your mechanic of choice as it is illegal to drive a car on the road if it has a failed MOT certificate. There in lies the conundrum, getting it towed or submitting to pay the MOT station to do the repair and having to accept their price and quality of service, which may include having to wait for a slot to come available for the repair.

We have often experienced this dilemma with motorist that have had the inconvenience of a failed MOT test. It is fortunate that our customers have peace of mind that if their car fails it’s MOT, Panic Mechanic can legally remove the vehicle from the MOT station with our recovery vehicle, back to your home or our workshop for repairs. If you are experiencing a similar situation, please feel free to get in touch today.


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