Keeping the Car Clean With Kids 10 Top Tips

Keeping the Car Clean With Kids 10 Top Tips

Keeping the car clean seems like an uphill battle. Do you ever find yourself cringing when you open your car door? The smell, the empty sweet wrappers, food dropped, muddy footprints on the back of the front seats and stains everywhere. You try to turn a blind eye, but you know that eventually you’ve got to clean the car and watch it start all over again. If you want to avoid this endless battle, read our top 10 tips on how you can keep the car clean with kids.

Keeping the Car Clean

  1. Keep your car smelling fresh by investing in a good odor eater. If you don’t want to be hit with the wiff, or feel embarrassed about offering a friend a lift, take a look at this list of 2021 best car air fresheners.
  2. Protect fabric or leather covered car seats with seat covers. It’s not glamorous, but you’ll be glad you covered your car seats when you decide to sell your car in the future.
  3. Put your rubbish in a car dustbin. There are little dustbins made just for cars. These are perfect for all the small day to day wrappings and bits of food left behind by the kids.
  4. Keep it tidy with car seat organisers. This great invention is not only perfect for storing small toys and water bottles, it’s actually a great way to protect the back of the front seats from damaging scuff marks.
  5. Catch sticky fingers with anti-bacterial wet wipes. Having a pack of these wet wipes stored in your car organiser, are so handy to wipe down the plastics touched by sticky fingers. They are also great for giving your steering wheel and dashboard a periodic wipe to keep things clean.
  6. Cup holder liners for spills. As you can see in the picture, a homemade cup holder liner is a perfect way to catch coffee cup spills.
    Keeping the car clean with a DIY cup holder liner
  7. Keep a vacuum cleaner in the car. If you are able to keep a portable car vacuum cleaner in your car organiser, then its always there are ready for you to quickly suck up crumbs or dirt on the go, rather than letting it build up. Here is a list of the best car vacuum cleaners in 2021.
  8. Protect your boot with a boot liner or organiser. The carpet layer in a boot tends to get dirt ground in, and it takes quite a while to try hoover it out. A boot organiser will divide up your boot space to help organise the things you tend to always carry around, and a boot liner covers the base of your boot. Both will keep it clean.
  9. Keep a handy “Mr Clean Magic Eraser” in the car. This is a great little sponge and perfect if you want to quickly spot wipe marks on the windows or plastics.
  10. Anti-bacterial hand gel pump. Keeping a hand pump in one of your cup-holders is a great idea for instant hygiene in the car. Obviously a good idea in a pandemic, but also great for times that you or your children need an urgent hand clean.

Hopefully our top ten car cleaning tips with kids, will go a long way to helping you save time and protect the life of your car interior. If your car looks and smells clean, it’ll make your car journeys feel absolutely great.


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