Watch Out for Poor M.O.T Mechanics
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Watch Out for Poor M.O.T Mechanics

Hi everyone, it’s been a while since my last blog and boy, haven’t I got a lot of advice, stories and tips to tell you, just like this one…

I was busy servicing a family member’s car last week, (I am sure some of you can sympathise with the family freebies), and the car was due for its M.O.T. I took it to a garage that I had not used before, since I was in a different County, when suddenly at the end of the M.O.T I was told that the car had failed. Quite to my surprise I asked how it failed. It turned out that the M.O.T failure was due to the brakes needing to be changed. Well I immediately knew something was wrong since the breaks had been changed not so long ago and should have passed. When I quizzed the garage and we all took a trip out the back where I asked them to re-check the breaks in front of me, low and behold, I had proved that I was right and the car should have passed its M.O.T without any hesitation.

Quite surprisingly, the M.O.T engineer had not checked the breaks properly and somehow “assumed” they needed to be changed. I am sure you can imagine that I was not impressed!

Since it is my job to repair all sorts of vehicles I make it my business to get to know the history of my customer’s car or bike and what potential areas could fail an M.O.T. I was able to question this garage because I have mechanics knowledge. But what if that was someone else who doesn’t know about cars. That person would have paid out unnecessarily for a set of brakes.

Okay, this may not sound like good news, so what can you do to make sure you are not a victim of a bad M.O.T?

One simple thing is to ask to watch the M.O.T from an M.O.T viewing area. Most if not all garages have an area that the owner can stand or sit to watch an examination. At least then you know what is involved and how thorough the examiner is checking your car. But if you have no time to wait around and watch, you could do two things: ask your own mechanic to take your car in for an M.O.T, or, have your car checked by your mechanic before your M.O.T to assess what the potential failures could be and possibly fix.

If anyone else has a similar story, please feel free to share?


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  • automotive repairs waitakere
    23/08/2016, 1:45 pm REPLY

    Only just read this today and agree with the fact along with the the vast majority of what you are stating.
    If available and without being way too cheeky will it be possible to promote this post with a link back to our web
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  • Darren
    27/06/2016, 4:06 am REPLY

    Hey Shane.
    I am also a Mobile Mechanic not in your area.
    reading your blog on mot mechanics.
    so so so true.
    lazy technicians.
    Keep a watchfull Eye on what they want replacing.
    By the way shane Congrats On Your new baby.
    No Sleep and being under cars lol!
    mine on 3 onwards now which makes life easyer.
    Anyway it has been nice reading you blog.
    im in the middle of redesigning my pages looking for inspiration all around.
    all the best darren

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