The Top Old School Hot Hatchback Cars
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The Top Old School Hot Hatchback Cars

Hatchback cars are undoubtedly the most popular type of car on the roads in the UK, and it has been for years and years. The smaller size, economic engines and big personalities make it a more popular choice for those without children, large families and with a traffic filled commute to work. However, some manufacturers decided (thank goodness) that there should be special editions made with a more aggressive body kit and a much more powerful engine under the bonnet.

And thus became the hot hatch.

We’ve seen a lot of hot hatchback cars throughout the years, some good some bad but all of them unique and exciting in their own way. What was your first memory of a hot hatchback whether it was seeing one, being the passenger in one or perhaps watching one tear up the asphalt while overtaking you? Whatever it was, it could be one of the hot hatches mentioned in this infographic created by Manchester car leasing firm All Car Leasing. In this graphic, they look at some of the most legendary hot hatchbacks and just how many there are still left on British roads.

One car that we would love to see added to version 2 of this infographic and maybe at the top spot, is the VW Golf GTI Mk2. What a cool little car, and what a come-back it’s made. I have many boy-racer memories and countless hours of fun adding custom bodykits. 🙂

We hope you enjoy the content as much as we did, we’d love to hear your comments or stories.

A big thank you to All Car Leasing for the content, please click the link or the thumbnail below to check out this really cool inforgraphic:

Old School Hatchback Infographic


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