A mobile mechanic vehicle service with Panic Mechanic is ideal for those who like convenience. Similar to having your shopping delivered to you, a mobile vehicle service means we come to you and you don’t have to leave home.


By ensuring that your vehicle maintains it’s annual M.O.T and has an Oil Service and/or a Full Service, then any other maintenance issues may get picked up at the time by your mobile mechanic.


Our Full Service and Safety Check includes: Oil, Oil Filter, Air Filter, Fuel Filter, Service Light Reset, Environmental Disposal of Used Oil. Plus Safety Checks, which include: Fluid levels, Wiper Blades, Visual Inspection of Exhaust, Running Gear, Tyres and Brakes.


Since oil means life to a car, keeping it topped up and clean will ensure your engine and parts run best. The Oil Service includes: Oil and Oil Filter, Service Light Reset, Environmental Disposal of Used Oil.


  • What maintenance checks can I do at home?

    Glad to see you’ve arrived at car maintenance checks, which is Step 2 of 3 of this series on how to extend the life of your car… Click to read this blog “CAR MAINTENANCE CHECKS – EXTEND THE LIFE OF YOUR CAR“.

  • What should I do if my car fails its MOT?

    This is a great article that just helps you to know your rights if your car fails it’s MOT – thanks Sophie for making that clear… Click to read this blog “FAILED MOT BUT YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO LEAVE THE GARAGE“.

  • How do I ensure my vehicle is fit for purpose?

    If you need to determine a measure of roadworthy condition of your vehicle, please read on to learn what basic checks you can perform at home to avoid the most common failures… Click to read this blog “CAR SAFETY CHECKS DURING CORONAVIRUS LOCKDOWN“.

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